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The Goddess of Love, British porn superstar, Sarah Louise Young

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As you can see, the dvd pages aren’t finished yet.

Here is a list of some of the (I will try to make it as complete as possible) Sarah Young DVD releases that have been out over the years. Some are now out of print.

Director’s Cut (Mike Hunter)

Exxtreme (Mike Hunter)

Golden Girl

Limited Edition (Mike Hunter) 10

Private Fantasies (MoserVision) 30

Private Secrets (Mike Hunter) 10

Sarah and Friends (Mike Hunter) 10

Sarah’s Girls (Mike Hunter)

The Goddess of Love (MoserVision)

Danish label Team Video Plus (TV+)

    Dirty Woman Vol. 1.
    Dirty Woman Vol. 2.
    Private Affairs Vol. 1.
    Private Affairs Vol. 3.
    Private Affairs Vol. 6.
    Private Affairs Vol. 9.
    Private Moments Vol. 1.
    Private Moments Vol. 3.
    Sarah Young Collection.
    Sarah Young Collection No. 1.
    Sarah Young Collection No. 2.
    Sexy Secrets No. 1.
    Sexy Secrets Vol. 2.
    Sexy Secrets Vol. 3.
    Sexy Secrets Vol. 5.
    Sexy Secrets Vol. 6.
    The Best Of Sarah Young.
    The Girls Of Sarah Young.
    The Girls Of Sarah Young Vol. 6.
    The Golden Girl Vol. 1.
    The Golden Girl Vol. 2.
    The Young One, Part 3.